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Staff and Guest presenters

c. Schaye
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Registered Nurse

Carol has been working in the Substance Use disorder field for twenty five years. She has worked with every possible substance abuse and believes recovery and a fun life are possible. She established Carol’s counseling, DUI so she could work with some of the best providers in Northern Nevada (staff listed below) and assure clients are treated with kindness and humor.

D. Rogers
Registered Nurse

Ms. Rogers has been working with clients with co occurring disorders (substance use and mental illness i.e. Depression) for eighteen years. She is expert in understanding client’s using psychotropic medications to self medicate problems. She has worked with clients who suffer repercussions from illegal drug use i.e. methamphetamine psychosis. Ms. Rogers is gentle and supportive.

B. Fedor
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Betsy has been involved in the treatment of clients with Substance Use Disorders for over twenty years. Betsy is the most talented substance abuse counselor in northern Nevada. She is intimately familiar with the struggle for sobriety and abstinence. Betsy presents spiritual (not religious) tools for abstinence from all drugs.

J. Reynolds
Veteran’s Affairs

Justin served two tours with the United States Air Force in Afghanistan on active duty. He is an expert in emergency situation care. He addresses the various issues that face Veterans returning to the United States and civilian life and how Substance Use might interfere with that reintegration. Justin is funny and very kind